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Composer and publicist Elmir Mirzoev has been awarded several prizes since 1996, has received commissions from foundations around the world (including Pro Helvetia, DAAD, Goethe Institute etc). His music has been performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonieorchester Basel, Ensemble de Ereprijis, Ensemble Accroche Note, Freiburg Percussion Ensemble, Ensemble Reconsil Wien, Studio for new Music Ensemble Moscow, among others. 

Last WP: Epitaph (2022) for piano trio and recording

Volkshaus Zürich (Switzerland)

E V E N T S​

N O V​


November 16, 2022 

Epitaph for piano trio & recording

Cadenza Contemporary Orchestra
International Mugham Center of Azerbaijan

O C T ​


October 27, 2022

Signs of a new era in Soviet music.
Music in the mirror of "meditation":
the work of composers in the 1970-80s.

Lecture at the Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture


© Photo by Haji Hajiyev

E L M I R 

         M I R Z O E V


© 2014 by Elmir Mirzoev

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